Plog — A platform to keep
our planet clean by inspiring and connecting ploggers *

Ploggers: people who pick up litter while jogging


Plogging, a combination of “jogging” and “picking up litter,” is the latest eco-friendly fitness trend taking communities by storm. With more than two million people plogging across 100 countries, online keyword searches for "plogging" have skyrocketed by 130% in the last four years. But there are currently no digital plogging platforms to meet this increased demand.
I have taken on the challenge of creating a platform that not only motivates a new generation of ploggers, but also creates a space for them to connect and maximize their plogging experience.


5 Weeks


Solo Project


User Research
User Testing
Brand Strategy
UI Design


Incorporating fitness and recycling features into an all-in-one platform


Gaining Perspective on Ploggers

The discovery phase of my research helped me identify project milestones, review competing platforms, and determine user needs and concerns. From this, I derived two main archetypes who might engage with a plogging platform: those who formerly plogged alone but now seek a community to plog with, and those who simply want more guidance on recycling. By analyzing these two user types, I developed my platform to best suit the needs of my prospective consumer base.


Want to find and connect with nearby ploggers to enjoy the activity together


Want guidance on how and where to recycle the litter they collect

Understanding the Current Market

Since there is currently no exact alternative to my platform, I broadly analyzed apps focused on running and environmentalism to find a perfect niche. Drawing from these two service styles, I developed a user experience that incorporates fitness and recycling features all in one.

Our Services

Using my research, I positioned
my app to meet consumer needs
and stand out in the marketplace.

As a fitness service, my platform
is action-driven and community-oriented. As an environment-related service, my app is innovative and centered around networking.


Charting the Plogging Process

Based on my research, I drafted a user map to visualize the stages of user engagement. This delineates each step of the app from start to finish of the plogging process and helps me troubleshoot issues that arise at each point.

Outlining the Platform's Services

I made a visualization of the app's structure so users can easily navigate it and access desired features.


In order to gain feedback from users regarding the efficacy of the app and its related features, I conducted tests that assessed the two main procedures of the user experience. I provided alternative screen options to collect insights on consumer preferences and used the procedure tests to modify and refine the app experience.

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Refinement 01

Improving filters for finding friends

The initial design for connecting with friends was suggestions from contact lists but insights from the testing suggested adding friends based on location and proximity. I also adjusted friend suggestions to be visible from the home tab.

Refinement 02

Modifications to the wastebin suggestions

The initial design for the waste bin suggestions featured nearby waste bins and special disposal sites simultaneously.

After receiving feedback, I realized the special waste suggestions were not generally useful. I modified the waste bin suggestions to provide nearby trash bins with the option for users to scan items that might need special disposal sites.


Building Brand Strategy to
Communicate with The Users

The brand strategy was built to communicate what my product represents to the app's users. These were used to check design decisions, articulate core values, and describe key attributes the app experience should provide for both the users as well as the brand. The principles were used constantly to drive the aesthetic and overall tonal direction of the app.


Creating Brand Visuals

Based on the intended brand strategy, I experimented with several versions of logos and style scapes. Ultimately, I chose to go with the options that best captured my brand's characteristics.


Building Design System


Personalized Friends Suggestions

Our platform's friend suggestion feature allows users to connect with nearby ploggers. They can also host events and invite friends to join in on the fun!

iPhone 13 mockup
iPhone 13 mockup
iPhone 13 mockup
iPhone 13 mockup
iPhone 13 mockup

AI-powered Waste Disposal Advice

Our platform's AI camera identifies waste and provides users information on relevant methods and locations for disposal.

Spend Points in a Meaningful Way

Users can earn points through completing our plogging challenges. Points can be donated to projects championing the environment or used to buy eco-friendly products in our marketplace.

iPhone 13 mockup
iPhone 13 mockup

Results & Impact

Overall, the Plog app had a significant impact on the plogging community and received positive feedback. Users saw immediate value in connecting with nearby ploggers, were able to navigate through the app easily, and clearly understood where to recycle the collected items.

Increase in plogging
Overall satisfaction
App rating
Time saved

Reflections & Next Steps

Observe the user's behavior in addition to their verbal opinions

During user testing, I found out some users do not recognize what their true desires are. I learned that observing the behavior of users is a crucial element of receiving accurate product feedback.

Don’t deviate from familiar patterns

While creating the screens, I experiment with some aspects of the screens. However, I quickly realized that it is better to utilize familiar interaction patterns that match what users are accustomed to.

A targeted approach to recruit more new users

For this project, I primarily focused on receiving feedback from people who already had prior experience with plogging. If I had more time, I would choose to incorporate additional features to draw in more new users.

Keeping our planet clean
by inspiring and connecting ploggers

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