How to speak so that people want to listen

The project was to create a voice-over from a speech that I was drawn to. Julian Treasure, the sound expert, shares tips on the foundation of powerful speech (HAIL).

There are 4 main components he highlights and I created a semi-abstract motion design piece that is based on his voice. I followed both the cadence of his voice and the meaning of his speech, which required an abstract thinking process. I decided the best approach would be to apply design thinking to represent the details and nuances of his presentation.

School Work / Solo Project

Motion Design

Amusement Park
Brand Identity
Visual Design
Brand Identity
Solo Project
Lollipop Land

Lollipop Land is a hypothetical candy-themed amusement park which would be located in Orlando, Florida. To convey the fun and exciting mood, vibrant colors with playful typography were used. For the logo, the ascenders and descenders of the letters were consciously altered in order to emulate the feeling of a rollercoaster ride. Additionally, different patterns were created for the lollipops, and I combined a lollipop with a Ferris wheel for one of the designs.

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